Take a Walk in Your Customers Journey – Step into their Shoes

Program Objectives

'Customer Centricity' is at the very heart of building and growing a sustainable business in the 21st century with products, services and information readily available and accessible by customers who demand what they want, when they want it and how they want it. 'Customer Journey Mapping' is one of the fundamental enablers for customer centricity, and is the most powerful tool that helps organizations think 'Outside-In' from the customers' perspective(s). Join EPIC Consulting for a fun, exciting and insightful one day workshop, 'Take a Walk into Your Customers Journey: Step into their Shoes’ designed to:
  • Introduce you to journey mapping and to how organizations have benefited from it
  • Get you to learn journey mapping by doing it
  • Kick start your plan on how it can be used and done in your organization

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this one day intensive workshop, participants will learn:
  • About 'Customer Journey Maps' and why they are important in today's age
  • How to do customer journey mapping
  • How to develop personas and customer profiles
  • How to perform customer journey mapping with their teams
  • How to introduce journey mapping into their organizations

Target Audience

This workshop is meant for businesses, whether in manufacturing, trading or service provision industries, who believe that there sole business purpose is to create and retain customers and want to build great companies that understand the end-to-end needs of their customers. People from such organizations who will benefit the most are:
  • Managers from business development, marketing, branding, sales, operations and customer service departments, who are responsible for improving customer experience and are looking for a practical, disciplined and highly interactive approach to use within their organization for doing so, and want to boost their careers and influence in the customer centric development of the companies they work in
  • Owners and top management personnel in SMEs who keep, or aspire to keep, customers above all else

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