Insight Mining

We can start adding value by analyzing your simple sales data. If you have a CRM, a loyalty program, or other customer data, then this is just the beginning Organizations invariably have vast amounts of data lying in their transaction databases. Data is ‘Lead’ until it is processed into meaningful information. Epic ‘Insight Mining’ Services are designed to mine observations and insights from the rich customer transaction data that you have. These insights can often provide ‘Quick Wins’ and are used to guide the ‘Think Customer’ services including the ‘Customer Strategy’ service offered by Epic

Customer Opportunity Analysis

We perform statistical analyses on sales data to determine behaviour-based portfolio segments and their lifecycle path. From this analysis we identify immediate marketing and sales opportunities for ‘Quick Win’ revenue generation and current customer growth. The typical path is based on the customer lifecycle – from prospect to single-purchase customer, to multi-purchase customer, to loyal return customer, and long-term best customer

Customer Portfolio Valuation

Once customer purchase patterns are analysed, we can guestimate the potential value of the customer portfolio. This can help businesses decide how much they want to invest in their growth initiatives, and can also guide the sell side or the buy side in leveraging maximum value from their transactions

Think Customer

Epic ‘Think Customer’ services are developed on the premise that to have sustained growth, businesses should understand the functional and emotional needs of their customers, and deliver value propositions accordingly
services-bannerOur workshop ‘Building the Customer-Centric Organization – Taking Control of Your Most Important Asset’ will help you learn ‘Customer Centricity’ practices and decide your own path towards a sustainable organization . Click to learn more


A ‘Customer Centricity’ journey can impact an organization in several ways. The SCHEMA® framework comprehensively captures the activities and skill areas required to build customer centricity. Epic does not claim it can do it all. We have partnerships with consulting firms who specialize in one or more of the skill areas that may be required. We can help you engage them depending on the specifics of your ‘Transformation Roadmap’. Please visit our 'Delivery Partners' page to learn more about how we can deliver transformation.

Performance Monitoring

The goal of this service is to help you monitor and manage the changes that are being implemented on your path to ‘Customer Centricity’. We provide:
  • Board level involvement for objective oversight
  • Independent change program reviews
  • Active engagement where Epic will help you continually measure expected benefits from your customer centricity initiatives

About Us

EPIc Consulting has been formed with a mission to help you experience ‘Customer Centric’ growth. We have a firm conviction that doing what is right for your customers by developing a deep understanding of their purchase behavior, needs and expectations is the way to grow sustainable businesses... More