Customer Centricity Workshops

How aware are you about customer centricity, customer journey management, customer experience management…If you have landed on our website through a google search it's probably not the first time that you have heard of it…or if you have redirected yourself from one of our LinkedIn posts, certainly it has piqued your interest In either case, you probably won’t decide that you're going to do a customer centric transformation project immediately You will want to consider customer centricity further, and find out what it is, why one should adopt it, what will be the challenges in adopting it, do you have to adopt it as a system or piece meal, what kinds of practices there are, what you can adopt and what would not be feasible now, what practices others in your industry and in the wider economy have adopted, and what kinds of returns they have achieved. You will try to figure out how you can get a quick return on the funds or time that you invest. And to figure all these questions out, you might:

  • Do your own further internet research
  • Buy a book on the subject if you are the reading type
  • Subscribe to Ezines for relevant posts and whitepapers
  • Subscribe to blogs that will keep sending you informatics on customer centricity and its many advantages for your organization
  • Keep having conversations about what customer centricity means and how to adopt it with peers who may or may not have adopted it in one shape or another
  • Attend conferences and seminars on the topic, etc

We believe that one (1) or two (2) day workshops are an ideal and economical way to address most of your concerns, and that is exactly what we have designed our workshops for. To allow you to understand Customer Centricity better, learn key best practices, assess what practices your organization is doing today, evaluate how best to introduce customer centricity into your organizations, and better prepare you for a transformative journey you may be contemplating.
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EPIc Consulting has been formed with a mission to help you experience ‘Customer Centric’ growth. We have a firm conviction that doing what is right for your customers by developing a deep understanding of their purchase behavior, needs and expectations is the way to grow sustainable businesses... More