Building the ‘Customer Centric’ Organization – Take Control of Your Most Important Asset

Program Objectives


'Customer Centricity' is at the very heart of building and growing a sustainable business in the 21st century with vast amounts products, services and related information readily available and accessible by customers who demand what they want, when they want it and how they want it

EPIC Consulting introduces 'Building the 'Customer Centric' Organization - Taking Control of Your Most Important Asset' a two day strategic organization development workshop designed to:

  • Change the way you think about your customers
  • Give you a holistic and system-based view of what it takes for a business to become customer centric
  • Get you thinking and planning how you can help your organization become more customer centric hence putting you in a better position than your competitors to develop a sustainable business

Learning Outcomes


By the end of (and during) this two day course, participants will:

  • Have a deep understanding of what 'Customer Centricity' is, what its building blocks are
  • Be able to evaluate why and how relevant customer centricity is to the future of their business
  • Learn and develop, through individual and group exercises, a view, in their organization's context, of the key building blocks of customer centricity i.e. organization and personal values, customer lifetime value, customer segmentation and profiling, and customer journey mapping
  • Be able to conduct basic journey mapping with their colleagues and management teams
  • Have a basic understanding of an international customer centricity framework SCHEMA® (for further details please visit and the key organization areas that need to be developed to build customer centricity into their organizations
  • Learn some of the key practices required to build a customer centric organization
  • Have a view of how international and local organizations adopt customer centric practices
  • Complete a short self-assessment of where their organization's customer centric capability stands today with respect to all the SCHEMA® areas

Target Audience


This course is meant for businesses, whether in manufacturing, trading or service provision industries, who want to build great companies that survive into the future. People from such organization who will benefit the most are:

  • Owners who want to build the sustainable businesses of the 21st century, and / or their
  • Top Management team members tasked and delegated with organization-wide responsibilities to build such organizations

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