About Us

Epic Consulting has been formed with a mission to help you experience ‘Customer Centric’ growth. We have a firm conviction that doing what is right for your customers by developing a deep understanding of their purchase behavior, needs and expectations is the way to grow sustainable businesses. Value to your businesses at the end of the day is provided by the people who pay for and use your products and services.

This conviction is largely driven by our first-hand experience of being at the receiving end of products and services or rather, the lack of the right product and timely product availability and service that we would like for ourselves, and our observation of how organizations go about not understanding our needs. One is often alarmed, in the capacity of a customer, consultant, and being part of business management, at how businesses, management and customer facing personnel, do what is convenient and easy for them, without ever realizing the adverse impact on the customer, and especially on the long term commitment of the customer. In some cases, businesses are even blinded to who the real customer is.

The ‘2020’ question here is: have you as a business ever thought that if the customer had an alternative, would he or she or the business, still continue business with you ?

Apart from this first hand experience and observation of how customers are treated, the Epic team has had diverse experience across multiple disciplines such as data analytics, strategy, operations, organization and technology design, and risk management, in various industries ranging from trading, services, manufacturing, utilities, processing, and with businesses of all sizes whether government owned, publicly held, or private entities held and run by families. This breadth of experience gives us a unique perspective on how businesses can be better managed, especially once we know your goals in terms of the customer needs you want to fulfil and the experience you want to deliver.