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At Epic we believe that ‘Customer Centricity’ can take root only by adopting both a top down and a bottom up approach. All levels of management have to be on the same wave length in terms of their understanding of what customer centricity means and how it can be engineered into their organizations. However, each level has their own perspective.

Have value based visions for the society and are concerned about the sustainability of their investments Tasked and delegated with organization-wide strategic responsibilities to build such organizations Tasked and delegated with operational responsibilities to enact the vision and strategy

Accordingly, we have developed standard workshops to address the needs and concerns of all levels of management. We can also tailor workshops according to your requirements if you are a corporate looking for specific customer centricity topics that you want to learn more about.

All our workshops are highly interactive with engaging discussions around videos that share the experience and thought of global and regional leaders from organizations that have adopted customer centric principles and, with individual and group-based exercises that can help engrain the key concepts.

#Workshop TitleTopics CoveredTarget Audience
1Take a Walk in Your
Customers Journey -
Step into their Shoes
1. What is customer centricity
2. Why is it important
3. What is journey mapping
4. How can it help in building customer centricity
5. Persona building
6. Vision, missions, values and brand promises
7. Let's do journey mapping
Any person responsible for
organization wide customer experience
Mid-level executives from marketing,
sales, manufacturing, operations,
business development, and even
finance executives responsible for cost
2Building the ‘Customer
Centric’ Organization –
Taking Control of Your
Most Important Asset’
1. What is customer centricity
2. Why is it important
3. Is it relevant for you
4. Key concepts & tools:
a. Systems approach to building centricity
b. Framework for transformation
c. Significance of vision, mission and values for customer centricity
d. Customer lifetime value development
e. Journey mapping for cost optimization
Owners and Top Management

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EPIc Consulting has been formed with a mission to help you experience ‘Customer Centric’ growth. We have a firm conviction that doing what is right for your customers by developing a deep understanding of their purchase behavior, needs and expectations is the way to grow sustainable businesses... More