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Insight Mining
We can start adding value by analyzing your simple sales data. If you have a CRM, a loyalty program, or other customer data, then this is... More
Think Customer
Epic ‘Think Customer’ services are developed on the premise that to have sustained growth, businesses should understand the functional... More
Transformation Services
A ‘Customer Centricity’ journey can impact an organization in several ways. The SCHEMA framework comprehensively captures the... More
Performance Monitoring
The goal of this service is to help you monitor and manage the changes that are being implemented on your path to ‘Customer... More

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EPIC conducted the first VoC for Descon Oxychem between November 2016 and Feb 2017. This is the corporation’s Chemical business. The quality of industrial marketing research was outstanding, and EPIC completed this assignment within the terms of reference (ToRs) that were agreed at the onset. The strategic, commercial, technology, competitive and future growth insights were significant to the extent that Descon used the VoC content in its next five-year strategic plan. The company values EPIC’s integrity, transparency, independence and the quest to deliver value to the company.

Mr. Aamir Niazi
Descon Oxychem Limited

EPIC Consulting was a reliable partner when we put together our marketing and sales strategy guidelines, and during our customer experience improvement journey. The strategy helped us focus on the different customer segments that we cater to, and the impact of our decisions on those segments. In particular, we appreciate how EPIC has taken ownership, and we look forward to more work opportunities with EPIC in our efforts to streamline the branded customer experience we want to deliver.

Mr. Mustafa Jassem
Group Head of Business Development
Lootah Holding

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EPIc Consulting has been formed with a mission to help you experience ‘Customer Centric’ growth. We have a firm conviction that doing what is right for your customers by developing a deep understanding of their purchase behavior, needs and expectations is the way to grow sustainable businesses... More